Welcome to Padre Pio Academy,

Our day will begin with 8:30am Mass (optional) and students may arrive at the Academy after Mass. On occasion, we will attend Mass as a school. Parents will always be informed of school Mass days.

Lower School Schedule

9:20am               Morning Subjects

12:00pm             Lunch/Recess

12:30pm             Afternoon Subjects

1:20pm               Dismissal

Middle School Schedule

9:20am               Class in Session

10:15am             Mathematics

11:05am             Class in Session

11:30pm             Lunch/Recess

12:00pm             Class in Session

1:20pm               Dismissal

High School Schedule

9:20-10:10am               1st Period

10:15-11:05am             2nd Period

11:10-12:00pm             3rd Period

12:00-12:30pm             Lunch/Recess

12:30-1:20pm               4th Period

1:25-2:15pm                 5th Period

2:20-3:10pm                 6th Period

3:15-4:05pm                 7th Period

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Students should come to school each day with a healthy lunch and drink following our peanut free policy.  Approximately one half hour is allotted each day for lunch and recess.  For safety reasons, containers and bottles brought to school should not be made of glass. 

If you would like your child to eat the lunch you have provided for them, please make it clear to your child that they should not trade lunches with other students. Students will not have use of kitchen facilities (microwave, refrigerator) so please keep this in mind when you are packing your child's lunch.


* non-breakable water bottles are permitted during class time


Shelled Peanuts


Students are asked to bring lunches and snacks free of peanuts and products that may contain peanuts, such as donuts, granola bars, etc. We ask you to read food labels, checking for peanut ingredients prior to sending food to school. This is a life saving measure.

Arrival Procedures

Lower School


A parent must escort their Lower School child (grades K-4) to their classroom beginning after morning Mass, no earlier than 9:10am. Please make sure a teacher is present before leaving your child.

Middle School/High School


Middle and High School students (grades 5-12) may enter Father Ruehl Hall unescorted. Middle School students (grades 5-8) should report to their classes upon arrival. High School students should immediately sign in at the director's desk upon arrival.

Dismissal Procedures

Lower School


Lower School dismisses from Padre Pio Hall at 1:30pm. Be sure to arrive on time for dismissal. All children will be dismissed from the back door of Padre Pio Hall. No children may leave from the front door. Students will be picked up at the back door of PPH. Teachers will release each student to their designated parent or approved ride.

Middle School/High School


Middle school students with siblings in Padre Pio Hall will be accompanied by a teacher to PPH at dismissal to be picked up there. Middle School students who do not have siblings in PPH are to be picked up outside of the church at the turnaround on Luray Ave.

High school students are dismissed after their last class. High school students should be picked up no more than 10 minutes after their last class outside of the church at the turnaround on Luray Ave.