Volunteers play a vital role at Padre Pio Academy, from helping with day-to-day operations to keeping the tuition costs low. PPA requires each family to volunteer 20 fair share hours during the year. We truly appreciate everyone’s help!

20 HOURS                                                              1 HOUR






  • SUBSTITUTE TEACHER            (Per Hour Spent Teaching)


23 SEP

Saint Padre Pio's  Feast Day Party

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A volunteer coordinator helps to schedule and oversee volunteers and tracks each family’s completed fair share hours. This position counts as 20 fair share hours.


Main duties include:

  • Maintain a list of all volunteer positions.

  • Create MS/HS Recess Monitor sign-ups each quarter through Signup Genius and submit link to Kris Stafira for the weekly email to families.

  • Post additional requests for help on FB, or call volunteers to schedule.

  • Help to find substitute hall monitors in the event that a scheduled monitor is unable to fulfill their time.

  • Communicate pertinent information to volunteers to prepare them for their tasks (arrival time, list of responsibilities, etc.) or answer any questions they may have.

  • Work with event coordinator and assistant volunteer coordinator.

  • Maintain a record of each family’s completed fair share hours.



An assistant volunteer coordinator helps the volunteer coordinator to secure volunteers and to track fair share hours. This position counts as 20 fair share hours.


Main duties include:

  • Help find substitutes when a scheduled volunteer is unable to fulfill their scheduled shift.  

  • Seek additional volunteers for empty Signup Genius slots.

  • Assist volunteer coordinator in tracking and tallying each family’s fair share hours.

  • Assist event coordinator in securing volunteers for each event.



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In lieu of payment, fair share hours can be completed through substitute teaching. Substitutes must have completed the Virtus training program and background check. Please contact the director to put your name on a substitute teacher list.  Each hour substituting will count as one fair share hour completed.

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The event coordinator oversees all details of a party/event. A list of events planned for the year will be provided to the event coordinator.This position counts as 20 fair share hours.


Main duties include:

  • Confirm the day/time/location of an event with directors, parish office and Town of Front Royal, when necessary.

  • Determine number of attendees, amount and variety of food needed, amount and variety of paper goods, tables needed, chaperones needed during the event, party preparation help, and party clean-up help.

  • Create a Signup Genius listing for each event.

  • Write up a brief introduction to each event (day, time and location, activities planned) along with a request for volunteers and a link to the Signup Genius listing. Submit this information to the director for the PPA weekly emails.

  • Attend each event to direct volunteers and oversee set-up and clean-up.

  • Submit a wrap-up or summary of the event to the director to assist with planning future events.

Carrying Cleaning Supplies

MWF  2:30-3:30pm

at Father Ruehl Hall

We need three volunteers per semester to each commit to a day every week. The job entails coming at the end of each school day to clean the areas used by students.

Complete cleaning instructions will be provided to scheduled cleaners. This position is great for a parent who picks up their High School student at the end of the day.

A weekly commitment for one semester counts as 20 fair share hours.

Main duties include:

  • Sweep the common areas (study hall, hallway leading to locked doors)

  • Thoroughly wipe down the study hall tables with spray cleaner and paper towels

  • Empty trash in study hall area and replace with a new trash bag

  • Bathrooms:  empty trash and replace liner, pick up papers, wipe water off the counter tops and/or mirror, make sure toilets are flushed clean, lights out

  • Check each classroom to make sure the following have been satisfactorily completed by students:  floor swept, tables cleaned, whiteboard cleaned, trash emptied, tables and chairs straightened, whiteboard eraser replaced in slot under the white board or back in the brown cabinet if no space, brown cabinet returned to center of outside wall of each room.

  • Kitchen:  clean out coffee machine, put away supplies and lock supply closet, sweep kitchen floor if necessary, spot clean floor as needed, wipe down counters, and empty trash if over half full

  • Take tied up trash bags to the dumpster by the parish office (or have teens take them).

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MWF  11:15 - 12:45pm

at Father Ruehl Hall/Bowman Park

This is an easy way to fulfill fair share hours throughout the year. Simply look for the Signup Genius link in the PPA weekly newsletter, and sign up for the dates that are convenient! Kids may come to the monitor shift if they are able to stay near the parent at all times. Recess monitors may also bring reading material or other hobbies to pass the time.


Main duties include:

  • Help supervise the MS/HS students while they lunch outside in Bowman Park.

  • Assist with additional tasks as needed, such as supervising the study hall if a director needs to run an errand outside of FRH.